Delicious Crepes Delicious Crepes

The only place to satisfyYour Dessert Kravings

Come savour freshly made waffles & crepes, delectable desserts & creamy gelato in the ambience of our lively café. Wash them down with indulgent shakes, juices & gourmet coffees. This will be a decadent dessert experience that you will find difficult to resist and Krave, again and again!

Our passion for quality and taste shows through in every item on our menu. All our desserts are made from high quality carefully selected ingredients – that give them that signature Krave sensation and fulfilling experience.

taking dessertTo the next level

Our gelato is silky, smooth and creamy in texture with flavours that are deserving of an adult’s palate as well as loads of flavours that will be a hit with kids.

Our super-thin, buttery and delicious crepes that come with a variety of sauces and toppings are the things that dreams are made of. Our freshly made hot waffles with a crispy exterior will melt in your mouth, especially when paired with your choice of gelato and toppings.

Our gelato sundaes are a surefire winner (chocolate fans should head straight for the Choc Royale) and you'll also want to try our tempting range of cakes and puddings.

If you can turn your attention away from our amazing desserts, you'll delight in sampling our gourmet coffees, teas, juices, smoothies and shakes.

Delicious Coffee Delicious Coffee