Delicious Crepes Delicious Crepes

“decadent, without being sickly sweet”

“The desserts at Krave are worth every food coma inducing calorie. They are decadent, without being sickly sweet, a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds and customizable with all manner of toppings. We can’t recommend this newly opened café enough!”

“stylish décor tells you that this is a “grown up’s” dessert lounge”

“I can’t speak highly enough about Krave and their indulgent desserts. The choice is great, portions are generous, prices reasonable and the service is par excellence. The staff could not have been more friendly and attentive and the stylish décor tells you that this is a “grown up’s” dessert lounge.”

“well rounded and robust”

“This stylish dessert cafe fills up fast on evenings and weekends, with diners clamoring for their choice of gelato, Desserts and coffee. The owner advised us that options will change with the seasons, but standouts included the waffles and the bubble pop sundaes. The coffees, usually an afterthought at a place that focuses on desserts are also worth a mention, well rounded and robust, with an excellent depth of flavour.”

“the best dessert place you'll come across in London”

“Newly opened Krave dessert café in Northwood is a great place to treat yourself to a piece of dessert heaven. If you’re looking for generously sized, delicious desserts, in a classy ambience, you have to visit Krave, it's the best dessert place you'll come across in London! ”

Delicious Coffee Delicious Coffee